The People of Pamona, Poso – Central Sulawesi – Indonesia

Pamona Tribe or also sometimes known as Posonese (for lack of a better term) live in and around the town of Poso. The ancestor of Pamona tribe actually came from SaluMoge (East Luwu). The tribe lived in remote mountain areas but then eventually was moved down to get closer to civilization by the government. The majority of the Pamonians these days are Christian thanks to the European missionaries who came to the land about 100 years ago.

Pamona tribe actually was a combination of a few ethnicities. The name Pamona itself it’s a abbreviation of pakaroso mosintuwu naka molanto. The few tribes was unified during the Dutch colonial era and was declare a tribe in Tentena.

In Pamonian culture, modero is a popular social dance. The dance is performed to celebrate harvest, weddings or major holidays. Guests would make a circle and holding hands accompany with a drum and a gong in the middle of the circle. There are 3 ways to do the Modero:

  • Ende ntonggola: 2 steps to the right and one step back which typically done to celebrate the new moon or when farmers about to plant the seeds for their crops.
  • Ende ngkoyoe:  2 steps to the right and one step to the left. These steps typically danced to celebrate the harvest time or during a major holidays.
  • Ende Ada: 2 steps to the right and one step but NO holding hands. This one strictly for traditional ceremonies.

These days modero dance is also known as a time for young people to meet or get to know each other.  The dance typically starts late after a celebration. In the older days, the Pamonian would sing to each other and improvise the songs.  Nowadays you will see Modero perform using a recording music or with a keyboard and a singer.

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