Modero performs a selection of dances, explains the history of the dance, origin, significance, costuming, and the role the dance plays in traditional custom. The demonstration is interactive, as the audience is invited to learn dance movements alongside the performers.

Dance Classes:
Group classes are available to dancers of all ages and skill levels. Private sessions are also available upon request.


Performances may vary from 5 to 30 minutes, and they include a small team of dancers. Our performances are suitable for all audiences, and can be accomodated in diverse facilities (both indoor and outdoor).

Full concerts:
Full concerts may vary from 60 to 90 minutes and feature Dance Company members, plus singers and stage crew. In full concerts, we perform a major work from our rich repertoire in a venue that is suitable to a production of grand scale – typically a theater or auditorium.

To book us for cultural events or any private functions, please visit our Contact page. Performance honorarium/donations (if any) will be applied to the further advancement of Modero activities and cultural programs throughout the year.

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